After thinning-out the bunches on the plants and manual late harvesting, it is time for the fermentation in stell and, for the cru, refining in french oak barrels.








GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Sauvignon

PRODUCTION AREA: DOC Friuli Colli Orientali



VINIFICATION: The grapes are harvested at the right degree of ripeness, stripped from the stalks and gently pressed. The must then ferments slowly in stainless steel vats at a precisely controlled temperature (16 °C). The maturation continues in stainless steel vats, during which time also a lengthy series of batonnage processes is carried out at set intervals to produce a well-rounded and full-bodied wine, with a delicate bouquet. After a long ageing on the lees, the wine is bottled in June.

NOTES ON FLAVOUR AND BOUQUET: A typically varietal intense bouquet and persistence. Scents of great intensity and finesse stand out with typically vegetal notes of sage and tomato leaf, which blend with fruitier and more delicate notes such as melon and yellow pepper. These same aromas and freshness are reiterated on the palate, exalting a perfectly balanced fresh and dry taste. Intense and enveloping, it finishes with a long aromatic persistence.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: With scampi, lobster, crayfish, spiny spider crab, salmon, herb omelettes, egg dishes, delicate cream soups and risottos.

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